Gac oil


Product description:

Gac oil is an oil extracted from Gac fruit. There are 2 kinds in the market now: oil and capsule. Gac oil is made from 40% Gac fruit oil mixed with 60% soya bean oil and it is used for cooking. Capsules have 2 types: capsules made from 100 % Gac fruit oil and capsules made from Gac fruit oil mixed with royal jelly.

Nutrition information:

1. Beta-Carotene (precursor of Vitamin A) : 1.8 times higher than which is in mackerel liver oil, 10 times higher than which is in carrot. Because it is natural Beta-Carotene, it can prevent aging and it is a good supply of Vitamin A.

2. Lycopene : 70 times higher than which is in tomato, it can become lycopenecrystals. This is the Carotenoid that can slow down aging, prevent myocardial infarction and protect the gene from damages.

3. Vitamin E is the form of a tocopherol : this is the natural vitamin E. It is good for skin, hair and nails.

4. Acid Linoleic (Omega 6) : it also known as Vitamin F, it helps to maintain blood vessel, prevents cardiovascular disease and lowers blood cholesterol.

5. Acid Oleic (Omega 9) : it helps to develop the nervous system and myelin fibers. It is especially good for pregnant women and nursing mothers, infants and young children.

6. The trace elements like : cobon, iron, zinc, selen…

7.The recent study also showed that the protein content in Gac fruit can help to prevent cancer cells development.

The process of Gac fruit:


10 reasons make Gac fruit oil to be the best supplement :

1. For the eyes : Many research results have demonstrated the micronutrients like vitamin A, C, E, Beta-carotene, zinc, vitamin K, B6, B9 and B12, Omega 3 … can significantly reduce morbidity terms. Gac oil contains a lot of nutrients, especially Beta-carotene (precursor vitamin A) … help prevent macular degeneration, anti-oxidants which helps protect the retina. It can slow down the aging process of the eye, prevent and protect dry eyes, or the ones with blurred vision, especially prevent school myopia for young children. Gac oil also contains Vitamin E which helps improve vision, fatty acid like Omega 6, 9 can maintain the integrity of retinal cells, especially good for people with dry eye syndrome.

2. Enhance the resistance : Thanks to the antioxidants in Gac oil, it can help to increase resistance against infections. For a long time scientists have demonstrated vitamin A is one of the best vitamins in strengthening the immunity of the body. Beta-carotene, Lycopene strengthen some of the immune response, increasing the ability of the body against infections. Gac oil has high rate of vitamin A (1.8 times higher than in mackerel liver oil, 68 times higher than in tomatoes …). Therefore, when using Gac oil, it definitely doesn’t harm the body as when we use a similar amount of synthetic vitamin A.

3. Supplement source of natural vitamin : Vitamin A in Gac oil has many advantages to the growth of the child. Supplement of natural vitamin A and E, prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, helps to develop a comprehensive body for children. According to the National Library of Medicine in the United States, because of being a precursor of vitamin A, Beta-carotene is known as a vitamin essential for bone growth, it helps maintain normal growth and bone development, helps children to develop their height optimally and general physical.

4. For the skin : Lycopene in Gac oil has good effects to the skin, protects the skin and keep it smooth. Pure and natural Beta-carotene helps to maintain a healthy skin, increases elasticity and moisture. Gac contains 178mg lycopene, 10 times higher than lycopene-rich fruits such as guava, 68 times higher than tomatoes. The amount is too large that can crystallize into lycopene crystals. This is also known as carotenoids, which is capable of prevent acne and rash.

5. For the hair : Gac oil can help prevent and treat hair loss. It promotes healthy hair, avoids grey-hair and keeps them smoothy.

6. Anti-aging : The beta-carotene, lycopene, Anpha-tocopherol in Gac oil is the reason why regular drinking Gac oil will preserve youth. Lycopene in Gac contain potent antioxidant activity 100 times stronger than vitamin E, which acts regulating the immune response in the body, the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and helps fight aging. There is also the omega 3, 6, 9 and many trace elements that helps to keep healthy skin and good resistance.

7. Prevent illness : Prevention and treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and precancerous lesions, particularly cirrhosis HBsAg (+) and high concentrations of threatened AFP which can become primary liver cancer.

8. Reduce bad cholesterol, support diabetics : Previously, patients with diabetes were required to fast which leads to increasingly debilitating. New trends in nutrition therapy for the community in general, and especially for people with diabetes are encouraged to have a balance diet, ensure adequate vitamins and trace elements. In particular, vitamin A, zeaxanthin, omega 6, ?carotene, …are very necessary,they reduce eye complications for people with diabetes. Beta-carotene reduces atherosclerosis, cardiac disease one of the diabetes complication that these patients have to face with frequently.

9. For the respiratory system : Heal wounds, burns, ulcers. The vitamins in Gac oil help to keep the body healthy, prevent respiratory diseases.

10.Prevent the progression of cancer cells : Some published US study recently showed that Beta-carotene compounds, lycopene, vitamin E … in Gac Oil works to disable 75% of the carcinogens in general, especially cancer breast.

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